Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yes, It's True...

We ended 2008 on a difficult note with both Sydnie and I sick ever since getting back from Hawaii. It started with a torturous stomach virus. Not sure where she picked it up but it is really quite sad to see a baby throw up. Thankfully she didn't vomit frequently but her diarrhea was non-stop for over a week... poor thing. Her butt area must have been so sore. I thought mom's were immune to their kid's being sick but I now know better. If anything I think God purposely had me experience each ailment so I can vocalize her pains for her! But I woke up at 4:00 am to run to the bathroom and didn't stop for the next 36 hours. My sister ended up with it from one of us and then my mom who says she is inpenetrable from any illness I think got it the worst. My dad too. Steve for whatever reasons was fine. So after that round, we both came down with bad colds and just closing out that bottle literally 30 days later.
So now we are nearly complete with the first month of the new year, we are quickly approaching Sydnie's first birthday! Gosh, has a year gone by that fast?! Looking back at all my insecurities and all the unknowns in my rookie months as a new mom I half want to laugh at myself because 11 months later I'm an expert veteran mom, right?! haha Well, life with Sydnie definitely makes more sense now and she is even more amazing than ever... and yes, in four months, Sydnie takes on a new role of being Big Sister! So here we go again and I'm sure my stories of being a mom of two will be a whole 'nother set of amusing stories! So here's to 2009 and more updates on the life and times of the Park family!