Saturday, February 23, 2008

Two Weeks...

First and foremost, Erin Grace Ha arrived this morning! Sounds like mom Helen had an awesome time during labor - or lack of labor! Sydnie and Erin were originally due about a day or two apart from each other so they both have an automatic friend! Hope to sneak a visit over to them this week...

Steve is now home with me and my mom's back with dad. My poor dad seemed miserable without her, which worries me a little on how we're going to coordinate things when I decide to go back to work. I don't even want to think about that right now but I feel time is going to fly by and I'll have to address it sooner than later.
Sydnie doesn't seem like a newborn anymore. She's finally fitting into some of her clothes and her neck is already so strong. Here's a rare moment with her eyes open. I feel bad using the flash on her so we don't have many pics with her alert.
Steve and I were both told by our parents that we were such great babies that our expectations for Sydnie are really high! So after one night of her crying Steve was convinced it was colic. But it turned out she was just probably hungry and cold and we just didn't know any better =) She's really been so good... now I wonder what do we do when she's more awake than asleep?!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

One Week

Appa looks tore up here while Sydnie enjoys her REM

Time is so relative - one week is nothing to us as we go about work and every day life, but on the other hand it is amazing that Sydnie has been with us already for a full week! We don't have much to complain about but I have to admit it is overwhelming knowing we are responsible for this little thing and our lives are really forever different! She's allowing her mom and dad to sleep pretty well though and waking up just once a night for a feeding. She's probably fussiest around 11 pm, which is when she was most active inside, but other than that already an obedient child! =)

Meeting Lisa...
Lisa brought us pears... pear versus Sydnie's head!

With Susie and Lauryn unni

Her cousins, EJ and Brandon oppa

Halmuni made Sydnie her first GIRL outfit!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Meeting Doc...

Today was Sydnie's first visit to her pediatrician. Dad will probably create a personal workout regiment for her as she has already gained an ounce! =) We also learned her measurements were incorrect from the hospital and her new length comes in at 19.5 inches versus 18 inches! She did escape the hospital without showing much signs of jaundice but it looks like it may be lurking in her system so she did get some bloodwork done and we're waiting for the results now. But overall she is doing what she is supposed to and mom and dad rewarded themselves with dum dums on behalf of Sydnie as they left the office ~

Sydnie is also no longer constipated and pooing great! Mom on the other hand is still super swollen but hopefully won't feel like a temperpedic mattress for too much longer... You'd think being just at home would result in cabin fever by now, but so far the hours fly by and we're already at day 5!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The 411

Name: Sydnie Elisabeth Park
DOB: Friday, February 8, 2008
Time: 8:59 pm
Length: 18 inches
Head Circumference: 33 cm <-- worried about this one, but it seems normal... whew!

I am happy to share the birthing story with anyone who is interested, but for now just glad that is a memory and no longer reality! Steve was fascinated by the whole thing and ended up taping it, which I know sounds gross. But he said he felt like he was in science class! My take is its comparable to a wedding. For one thing, the moment itself just flew by - barely remember Steve cutting the chord, etc... and you prepare and plan and digest so much on the pregnancy and delivery but no one really tells you much about what to expect after its over! That is a whole new thing on its own, and not just talking about a crying baby...

But she is here and although it still feels very unreal, we just love to stare at her and be in amazement. Yesterday she hadn't pooed all day so Steve got a q-tip with vaseline and put it up her butt and she immediately started to go. It was only day three but she's already inherited mom's constipation! But you could tell how relieved she was to release and we were both so proud of that moment! haha! I'll enjoy these early poos before they start to get messy and stinky!

Sydnie and I will be under house arrest for the next few weeks so if you are in the area (and not carrying any communicable diseases =), please come and meet your new friend!

go to my sister's site for even more boasting!

Sydnie Elisabeth Park

Welcome to the Park family

With doc White... if anyone is looking for an OB, she is wonderful!

Just seconds after...

First burping...

Her pretty nails/otherwise claws that scratched up her face

Meeting her first "boy"... Ethan =)

Here We Are... THREE PARKS!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Almost Three ~

I am back at Hoag, only this time it looks like when we're done, we'll be leaving with Park number three.
I had a doctor's appointment this morning and my water broke as I was leaving the office. What timing! I had to sneak in some food first so I grabbed a bagel and coffee cake at Starbucks with a towel between my legs to catch all my drippage. Not pretty but I didn't want to go in on an empty stomach. Steve met me at the hospital and we've been here now for a few hours. So far contractions are about a minute apart and the smile on my face is almost gone... =I Watched some Die Hard and got a little sleepy so dozed off for a little bit. They have me on a little pitocin but said she would administer just a very little as it seems my body was naturally progressing pretty quickly. I'm hoping they'll be checking on me soon to see if I've dilated any further.
So that is the latest play by play. Steve was eating a tuna melt and fries earlier which was very tempting. Okay contraction incoming - gotta go!

Pee Crazy

Each weekend I make it to, we celebrate with a restaurant meal so this weekend will be a visit to Luciana's in Dana Point. yay! Work ladies took me there before I started leave and I had the best pasta, which I've been craving ever since!
Baby is still incubating, although this week wasn't without some action. Tuesday night we were in L&D but only for a few hours before they rejected us and sent us home. Had a feeling that would happen but considering my usual skeptical-ness didn't want to chance it just because I didn't think it wasn't anything. I told Steve next time though I refuse to even entertain calling the doctor until my knuckles are white from pain management. Had hopes they would just keep us and let it progress but it seems I'm still too far away from due date to try to encourage anything.
Big news is Sarah & Sean welcomed Baby Matthew Khang on Monday! Sarah's labor was long and difficult but what a good looking kid they ended with! I've been without my pregnant walking buddy this week but hope to get some pictures up when they get home tomorrow.
gotta go pee... again...

Friday, February 1, 2008


Another week has passed and still no kid... Technically I'm not due for a few more weeks and considering how many times my due date has changed, I'm no longer certain when I'm exactly due! But due to all the earlier pre-term labor excitement and thinking baby would be here by now, I actually feel overdue!
Well the week passed pretty uneventfully. I'm sleeping great, so no complaints there. I've been craving dim sum for the past few weeks and Steve promised if I lasted until this weekend we'd go so I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow. Anything that involves food sharing I like going with just Steve so I don't have to look at the last piece and feel bad about being greedy! haha!
I'm still contracting regularly but I've gotten so used to it, can't remember what it feels like not to. Doc says we're all doing well though and I'm hanging on at 2 cm dilated and 90% effaced. I finally understand what that means.
Well, that's my update for the week. Looking forward to the Super Bowl. Being a stay-home mom can be very dangerous... I don't know how many times I've gone somewhere shopping related just to pass time or visit online shopping sites!...