Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter 2009

Celebrating the resurrection... and reason to dress Sydnie up =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stay In!

This pregnancy for the most part other than the first phase has actually been easier. Maybe my body hadn't fully adjusted to being "normal" from the first, but I don't have the pain I had in my lower back, knees, beneath my ribs, and my acid and hip aches are not as bad as they were before. And I can actually turn comfortably to wipe! haha BUT, I feel HUGE! Pregnancy clothes that did not fit me even in the last trimester with Sydnie have been fitting great for several weeks now. I know people say you show more with your second but I have to argue that if you eat three times more than what you did earlier, that formula would naturally lead to larger body proportions! Seriously my appetite has no end and I geniunely can not get full! Maybe there is a chemical imbalance in my brain. Well so much for Dr. White being concerned about me not gaining enough weight in the early phases!
This one is definitely more of a kicker than Sydnie - which is a little intimidating. I guess if it is a boy than I'll take it as a gender difference, but if its another girl and it means they are going to be more needy and difficult... oh goodness! Despite the constant belly activity, I still much prefer them staying right where they are. Maybe that's why this one is kicking so much, asking for attention I refuse to give! But goodness, the due date is coming up so soon! Is there anyway to slow time down?! I'm nervous about pre-term labor - I really just want to last all the way till our due date so we can say we still have two more months. I know... a year from now I'll be just so thankful for my TWO amazing kids, right?! Let's just hope I'm not pregnant with a third then either!!! haha
On another note, we're going to take a go at potty training Sydnie! Or at least my mom is willing to try! She actually does seem to have grasped the concept somewhat and considering her comprehension skills are pretty decent, I think she can do it. And if not, that's okay too. Hey, all of us were supposedly potty trained by one, right?! Hard part right now is no one seems to think underwear is necessary for a one-year old so Sydnie may have to go commando for a while!
These are pics from our trip to Orlando ~ Disney World!... have to say, we like our Disneyland better overall but it was a great trip!