Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It wasn't so much of a problem the first time, but I am having serious bladder control issues with this one. If I don't empty out my bladder every hour I better hope I don't need to sneeze while walking. I should really start those pelvic exercises but when you gotta pee... you gotta pee!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In My Face...

So I must share about my "God-moment" the weekend of Sydnie's dohl. All week it predicted rain for the week although up until Thursday morning it was beautiful and 80 degrees. But sure enough starting Friday the weather did a 180 switch and Saturday looked to be no exception. Even as went to the St. Regis in the morning to pick up our cake and our decor friends from White Lilac were setting up, the rain was consistently... there! Despite all the anxiety and the back and forth all week with tenting options and the promise that I would just trust and be thankful for whatever weather God provided that day, it took one last final prayer in the morning at 6:00 am to completely relinquish everything and just be thankful for our wonderful day of celebration.
Now in hindsight, I realize this was probably the only way God could make the same impact that He did but literally half hour before the first guests were scheduled to arrive the rain disappeared... and as our final guest was departing it started right up again. In between, it was absolutely perfect and beautiful! Such good luck, right? No, it was ALL God! I kept telling myself that morning, I am doubting and not trusting in the one that can just block out that single cloud with His finger for us if he wanted to as He provided perfect shade for the Israelites crossing the desert. So anyway - I needed that blatant reminder that everything is so beyond my control and I just need to trust in His providence. And even if that wasn't what He planned, I still would have been okay as it was a wonderful day for the family!
Now, I just need to perfect how to be a good hostess! I realize how much I dread this task. I am much more the behind the scenes, hide in the kitchen or behind my clipboard type of person, or sit in my corner with my group of acquaintances... but keeping a smile constantly pasted on my face, taking pictures, saying "thank you for coming" and promising to come back to them but never quite making it back to stretch out the conversation... yeah, not my forte. Well, it was still all wonderful and our Sydnie is now a one year old! Wow!!!
I don't have my pics from the dohl yet, so here are some pics from Lisa's baby shower in October:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Sydnie!

Sydnie is one today!
Precisely in 29 minutes...
Happy Birthday our little daughter. Can't believe you weren't even in this world a year ago and now you're a little thriving person! Umma Appa love you so so much!