Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stubborn Baby, Fickle Mommy

Really thought today was it. This morning started a series of heavy contractions that did not let up during church service and I also started to spot. Okay, so the normal thing to do would be to call the hospital right away. Me, I was trying to figure out what I wanted as my last meal before I had to give up my pregnancy 'all you can eat' privileges! Once we got home I wanted to time my contractions before making the call so in the meantime Steve went out with my request of McDonalds. Yes, we had an awesome McDonalds feast! I even had a fish burger I haven't had since I was a kid! And then I decided to take a nap. And then I woke up... and yes, we're still here and no I still haven't called the hospital. Okay, so I don't mean to be so fickle and poor Steve is on edge cuz I can't make up my mind... but if only these contractions would just intensify and give me more reason to want to go to the hospital! I promised though for sure tomorrow no matter what, I would call in. I like the date too since Sydnie was born on the 8th. =)
I can't believe I consumed all that McDonalds grease. And considering we never left home, we eventually got hungry and had to think about dinner!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


As much as I've been opposed to delivering early, I'm actually quite surprised that we're still hanging out waiting for #2. We've had a few false alarms since the weekend, but before making the drive to Hoag, I tell Steve I need the contraction to have me doubled over in so much pain I can't even scream. While they have been increasingly getting stronger, I still can't say I've crossed a 'five' on the pain-o-meter. Thought today at around 5:00 pm that for sure it was finally time, but here I am instead updating our blog. I figure I'd rather take the risk of delivering in the passenger seat over being sent back home! haha. I never got this far with Sydnie but I was reading that one mom delivered at 36 weeks with her first but not until 41 weeks for the second... so potentially we may still have a few more weeks!
Well one very prominent problem I am encountering is incontinence. It is really no laughing matter! I am so thankful nothing has happened in public! This subject was broached in an earlier entry, but that was when "dribbling" would involve a sneeze or laugh. My recent experiences have initially led me to think my water broke because it would happen while I'm washing the dishes or seconds after I just used the restroom. There is absolutely no forewarning and no urge for that matter, so I assume it must be the kid messing with me from inside. As you know we've been potty training Sydnie... it's painful for me to share this but also paints the picture for the reader... well there is a pile of training underwear in a bucket in the bathroom we collect from all her accidents... and now a few of mommy's underwear occasionally find their way to the bucket! I'm going to need some Depends the next time we go out!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

still Three Parks

Another doctor's visit and still at three centimeters but 80% effaced. With Sydnie, scar tissue on my cervix had prevented me from dilating past three so wondering if the scarring may have reformed and we might encounter that again. Doc did ask if I would like to induce if we do end up making it all the way, which I'm still against unless for some reason baby is going to be ginourmously huge. I only had the epidural in place for about half an hour the first time before delivering so if we make another attempt without drugs and actually succeed all the way, my big fear is the pain associated with the birthing part. hmmm... my masochistic side is starting to diminish as I get older. Sydnie had her first public tantrum yesterday at Babies R Us. She wanted me to take out this wagon for her out of a bin and I was checking out so I motioned for her to come to me instead. She proceeded to stamp her foot and release a loud wail in front of a pretty large audience. I personally found it pretty amusing. I appreciate though that despite me being the bad guy, she still wanted me to comfort her and make her feel better. Little sucker =) haha. I enjoy my mini best friend so much. She is my little comedian and some of the things she does I wish I could capture with more than my memories. So I know I've never been the world's quietest sleeper but I was officially kicked out of our bedroom and demoted to sleeping downstairs this week. I make Steve sound like the bad guy but I really can't complain because I've been sleeping great while he wakes up with dark bags under his eyes. haha. I didn't have this problem the first time around but with this one Steve says my snoring is out of control! I figure it is the extra weight gain as I'm about 14 pounds heavier than what my final weight was with Sydnie but then again, this "problem" has been torturing Steve since first trimester! He's been patient though and it was only when it seemed like my "noises" were affecting Sydnie's REM, we agreed I would need to be the one leaving our bedroom premises. Well lets hope I'll be allowed to re-enter post delivery!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Struck Gold

I went to my weekly check up this morning and I'm about three centimeters dilated. I still have hope we have a few more weeks but staying active is getting progressively difficult. If only Sydnie was in on our plan she would force me to stay seated and keep my legs crossed! =)
For those that may be eating while reading this or just are hyper sensitive to body waste, other than their own, you may want to avoid scrolling down.
Steve and I are personally quite proud of this picture though... So last week my mom for whatever reason decided to pin Sydnie's hair before putting her down for a nap. And Sydnie, in typical Sydnie fashion took the pin out and put it in her mouth. My mom saw this on the monitor so ran upstairs. My feeling is Sydnie heard my mom's panicked steps coming up and without thinking swallowed the pin. I never received any of my mom's calls while at work so learned of the situation when I got home. Since she was eating and playing well, we decided to wait it out. Our only concern was that she would have swallowed the pin opened versus closed, which would mean the sharp pointy end was exposed. Well, a couple of days passed and on Saturday, this was the picture Steve emailed to me while I was at work:
Relief! Good job Sydnie and really Thank God! The horrors we may have had to go through if it failed to appear!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its a Borl

My pregnancy ticker says I have a little over a month to go and I am hopeful that is accurate, but I fear delivery being any day... Going pee for too long makes me wonder if my water just broke, paranoia sets in with a sudden back spasm... the worst is when I have a big poo. Usually that should be a good thing but I hear that pre-labor your body naturally releases a laxative-like force wanting to "empty" out - so even poo freaks me out! haha
Well, we are still struggling with names. We do know we want to continue with the "s" but never thought sticking to an S name would be so limiting. Of course when people find out we don't know the gender they'll try to predict for us. It will be interesting once he/she arrives, how many myths are broken or accurate. Here is what has been said so far:

<< Theories supporting a girl: >>
* I eat a lot of sweets
* Hips are wider
* Baby's heart rate is over 140
* I prefer sleeping on my back than my side

<< Theories supporting a boy: >>
* Sydnie sucks her pointer finger
* Sydnie can be a little all over the place indicating brother
* More "popped out" than with Sydnie
* Baby is more active
* Voracious appetite

At this point it seems pretty 50 / 50, hence a "borl". =)
Well I've officially passed the weight I was with Sydnie at full term. One thing I think that helped with having two pregnancies close together is I feel my stomach was still pretty elastic from the first, which I believe is what is preventing stretch marks with this one. But why does food still taste so good?!
I was treated to two amazing baby showers the other week. While I didn't expect any shower for kid #2, can't say I didn't love all the gifts =) and above all it was a really nice time with friends that made me feel so special!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter 2009

Celebrating the resurrection... and reason to dress Sydnie up =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stay In!

This pregnancy for the most part other than the first phase has actually been easier. Maybe my body hadn't fully adjusted to being "normal" from the first, but I don't have the pain I had in my lower back, knees, beneath my ribs, and my acid and hip aches are not as bad as they were before. And I can actually turn comfortably to wipe! haha BUT, I feel HUGE! Pregnancy clothes that did not fit me even in the last trimester with Sydnie have been fitting great for several weeks now. I know people say you show more with your second but I have to argue that if you eat three times more than what you did earlier, that formula would naturally lead to larger body proportions! Seriously my appetite has no end and I geniunely can not get full! Maybe there is a chemical imbalance in my brain. Well so much for Dr. White being concerned about me not gaining enough weight in the early phases!
This one is definitely more of a kicker than Sydnie - which is a little intimidating. I guess if it is a boy than I'll take it as a gender difference, but if its another girl and it means they are going to be more needy and difficult... oh goodness! Despite the constant belly activity, I still much prefer them staying right where they are. Maybe that's why this one is kicking so much, asking for attention I refuse to give! But goodness, the due date is coming up so soon! Is there anyway to slow time down?! I'm nervous about pre-term labor - I really just want to last all the way till our due date so we can say we still have two more months. I know... a year from now I'll be just so thankful for my TWO amazing kids, right?! Let's just hope I'm not pregnant with a third then either!!! haha
On another note, we're going to take a go at potty training Sydnie! Or at least my mom is willing to try! She actually does seem to have grasped the concept somewhat and considering her comprehension skills are pretty decent, I think she can do it. And if not, that's okay too. Hey, all of us were supposedly potty trained by one, right?! Hard part right now is no one seems to think underwear is necessary for a one-year old so Sydnie may have to go commando for a while!
These are pics from our trip to Orlando ~ Disney World!... have to say, we like our Disneyland better overall but it was a great trip!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Final Stretch...

I had an ephiphany yesterday and realized that our family of three will very soon become a total four... dun dun dun (scary music). ohmigosh! I'm not ready! Not that there EVER will be a perfect time but the main reason for this sudden panic attack is I love my "just the three of us" moments... and I hate the thought of some "foreigner" invading our club! haha
Gosh, to think I felt the same way prior to Sydnie's arrival too. How dare she break up Steve & Sophia! And I'm sure my heart will come to love and adore this next one fiercely too. I definitely know I didn't remain my mom's one and only for too long! But I do know for sure I am not the type that instantly has a motherly attachment to her children from conception! Poor kids =)
Well, I can't seem to stop eating these days. I don't remember being like this with Sydnie so if my mouth insists on staying consistently busy, I'm at least trying to regulate what gets consumed. But somebody has to help me get rid of these girl scout cookies always stalking me!
I have to report on Sydnie. She sure has grown up so much. My little lady. I can't get enough of her! I wish I was keeping better track of all of her milestones. She's walking better, vocabulary and comprehension I think is pretty impressive, has a good bag of tricks to entertain you... she just started singing last week (or at least tries to copy you sing) and is also feeding herself pretty well! She can also count to ten, can recite the alphabet backwards and do jazz leaps across the living room! haha... okay, not quite there yet but yes, I have become a proud mom!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It wasn't so much of a problem the first time, but I am having serious bladder control issues with this one. If I don't empty out my bladder every hour I better hope I don't need to sneeze while walking. I should really start those pelvic exercises but when you gotta pee... you gotta pee!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In My Face...

So I must share about my "God-moment" the weekend of Sydnie's dohl. All week it predicted rain for the week although up until Thursday morning it was beautiful and 80 degrees. But sure enough starting Friday the weather did a 180 switch and Saturday looked to be no exception. Even as went to the St. Regis in the morning to pick up our cake and our decor friends from White Lilac were setting up, the rain was consistently... there! Despite all the anxiety and the back and forth all week with tenting options and the promise that I would just trust and be thankful for whatever weather God provided that day, it took one last final prayer in the morning at 6:00 am to completely relinquish everything and just be thankful for our wonderful day of celebration.
Now in hindsight, I realize this was probably the only way God could make the same impact that He did but literally half hour before the first guests were scheduled to arrive the rain disappeared... and as our final guest was departing it started right up again. In between, it was absolutely perfect and beautiful! Such good luck, right? No, it was ALL God! I kept telling myself that morning, I am doubting and not trusting in the one that can just block out that single cloud with His finger for us if he wanted to as He provided perfect shade for the Israelites crossing the desert. So anyway - I needed that blatant reminder that everything is so beyond my control and I just need to trust in His providence. And even if that wasn't what He planned, I still would have been okay as it was a wonderful day for the family!
Now, I just need to perfect how to be a good hostess! I realize how much I dread this task. I am much more the behind the scenes, hide in the kitchen or behind my clipboard type of person, or sit in my corner with my group of acquaintances... but keeping a smile constantly pasted on my face, taking pictures, saying "thank you for coming" and promising to come back to them but never quite making it back to stretch out the conversation... yeah, not my forte. Well, it was still all wonderful and our Sydnie is now a one year old! Wow!!!
I don't have my pics from the dohl yet, so here are some pics from Lisa's baby shower in October:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Sydnie!

Sydnie is one today!
Precisely in 29 minutes...
Happy Birthday our little daughter. Can't believe you weren't even in this world a year ago and now you're a little thriving person! Umma Appa love you so so much!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yes, It's True...

We ended 2008 on a difficult note with both Sydnie and I sick ever since getting back from Hawaii. It started with a torturous stomach virus. Not sure where she picked it up but it is really quite sad to see a baby throw up. Thankfully she didn't vomit frequently but her diarrhea was non-stop for over a week... poor thing. Her butt area must have been so sore. I thought mom's were immune to their kid's being sick but I now know better. If anything I think God purposely had me experience each ailment so I can vocalize her pains for her! But I woke up at 4:00 am to run to the bathroom and didn't stop for the next 36 hours. My sister ended up with it from one of us and then my mom who says she is inpenetrable from any illness I think got it the worst. My dad too. Steve for whatever reasons was fine. So after that round, we both came down with bad colds and just closing out that bottle literally 30 days later.
So now we are nearly complete with the first month of the new year, we are quickly approaching Sydnie's first birthday! Gosh, has a year gone by that fast?! Looking back at all my insecurities and all the unknowns in my rookie months as a new mom I half want to laugh at myself because 11 months later I'm an expert veteran mom, right?! haha Well, life with Sydnie definitely makes more sense now and she is even more amazing than ever... and yes, in four months, Sydnie takes on a new role of being Big Sister! So here we go again and I'm sure my stories of being a mom of two will be a whole 'nother set of amusing stories! So here's to 2009 and more updates on the life and times of the Park family!