Monday, March 16, 2009

Final Stretch...

I had an ephiphany yesterday and realized that our family of three will very soon become a total four... dun dun dun (scary music). ohmigosh! I'm not ready! Not that there EVER will be a perfect time but the main reason for this sudden panic attack is I love my "just the three of us" moments... and I hate the thought of some "foreigner" invading our club! haha
Gosh, to think I felt the same way prior to Sydnie's arrival too. How dare she break up Steve & Sophia! And I'm sure my heart will come to love and adore this next one fiercely too. I definitely know I didn't remain my mom's one and only for too long! But I do know for sure I am not the type that instantly has a motherly attachment to her children from conception! Poor kids =)
Well, I can't seem to stop eating these days. I don't remember being like this with Sydnie so if my mouth insists on staying consistently busy, I'm at least trying to regulate what gets consumed. But somebody has to help me get rid of these girl scout cookies always stalking me!
I have to report on Sydnie. She sure has grown up so much. My little lady. I can't get enough of her! I wish I was keeping better track of all of her milestones. She's walking better, vocabulary and comprehension I think is pretty impressive, has a good bag of tricks to entertain you... she just started singing last week (or at least tries to copy you sing) and is also feeding herself pretty well! She can also count to ten, can recite the alphabet backwards and do jazz leaps across the living room! haha... okay, not quite there yet but yes, I have become a proud mom!