Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cocktail Time

What was scheduled to come to an end at month six was delayed until just this week... and now Sydnie is officially a formula baby - sayonara to boobmilk. Originally I continued to persist due to my initial shock when I found out how expensive formula was going to be (yes its true that decision had nothing to do with her health!) but as the days passed my milk supply became lower and lower. Technically I guess that is the best way to wean your child. I know the high producing moms will have to still go through a week of engorged pain but for me I think I literally extracted the absolute last drop out of me. So when I could finally could get nothing more out and the reality sinked in that this was really it, I was quite sad. More so because it wasn't where I had pre-determined the "last" day but my body determined that for me without consulting! It really felt like I had experienced a sudden loss in my life!
Well I am quite amazed though that for someone who wanted to breastfeed for only three months and after all the nasty early days I struggled through we made it this far. Pat on the back for me =) haha
As we also offically mark Sydnie's eighth month I'm also on my own time table to get back into my old clothes again! I'm not sure how my metabolism will change without breastfeeding but I can tell you it sure didn't do me wonders like it does some moms! When Sydnie first came I had noted if it took me nine months to get this way, I should give myself nine months to get back - well then that gives me ONE MORE MONTH!!! I guess technically its 9 1/2 months so I have a little more time. But anyway, I am on a major mission now. Two pounds a week! That isn't too ambitious right?!?! I do feel it is important for me to start making this effort. I don't feel good heavier and every picture I see of myself my face looks like a full moon or pancake! And my knees still hurt going up and down stairs! And I now have cellulite on my calves!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Separation Anxiety

Steve and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by taking a trip to Vegas... without Sydnie. Having originally made reservations when she was really young we thought by the time our anniversary came around Sydnie would have acclimated to being with my mom or sister and we would appreciate some quality time of our own. Well, I have to say as anxious as my mom was for us to return to be relieved of a hysterical Sydnie, we both could not wait for that plane to land so we could rush home and be back to being us three again.
I definitely do think it is necessary for parents to have their own time together but I don't think we'll be planning another multiple day excursion away from Sydnie anytime soon.
Isn't it funny how Sydnie has been with us for such a short time and with each passing day I become just as dependent on her as she is on us! Just as I can't imagine life without Steve, now a day without Sydnie also feels incomplete. Maybe if separation was out of necessity it would be different but we felt selfish to be going somewhere to have fun without her while she was alone and confused at home! Sorry Sydnie! I probably missed you more than you missed us but promise we'll limit our mom & dad times to bowling and movie nights instead!
On a side note, all you Vegas lovers, I honestly just can't relate. I hadn't been in six years so I was really excited about the trip but the majority of the time my eyes and nose were burning, which kept me away from the paigow table! I guess no more $4.99 prime rib buffets for me!

Sydnie started sitting up on her own recently. This video looks scripted with her final pose!