Friday, January 25, 2008


I had no idea how crazy expensive designer maternity jeans were... I usually depend on sister's closet for all my stylish stuff! ha!

Well a friend gave me info on this lady who converts existing jeans into maternity jeans for $15! So if you are or may be expecting (or just want elastic waisted jeans), you can send in jeans that you know you like and fit you well but wouldn't mind letting go of for this purpose. Let's see if sister will allow me to test it on any of her jeans for next baby =)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

maternity leave

Today marked the final day of work as maternity leave officially begins tomorrow... It was definitely strange wrapping up in the office and made me wonder how much stranger it would be if I was quiting all together!!! It still hasn't registered that I won't be returing to the office for three months. Who knows if this new sense of freedom will ever register or I'll be going into labor by week's end and starting "work" all over again! Well, definitely no idea what to expect or how to predict... but I guess that is God's great introduction to parenthood...

Enjoyed last day with a fun shower from the St. Regis Ladies

Preggo water in the office - Sheri (in picture)with March baby and Erika soon after us in July...

Eileen & Me... and Naan!

push gift

We celebrated my 30th this past weekend and Yub surprised me with yet another present. I guess it worked out where we could celebrate both baby and my 30th in one year so he only has to worry about accruing a balance on his credit card all at one time! haha

Its of course special to get such a great gift and we both agreed we're fortunate to be able to celebrate like this too. Its kinda nice to enjoy some of these treats now considering we forgoed many of them when we first got engaged. Granted its not like we started off like my parents in a little trailer as Korean-trash in the middle of Alabama, but I do like to boast about the husband and how he has and continues to take care of US these past years. Hopefully he can manage one more!... otherwise, we have a few items we can now pawn! =)