Thursday, January 24, 2008

push gift

We celebrated my 30th this past weekend and Yub surprised me with yet another present. I guess it worked out where we could celebrate both baby and my 30th in one year so he only has to worry about accruing a balance on his credit card all at one time! haha

Its of course special to get such a great gift and we both agreed we're fortunate to be able to celebrate like this too. Its kinda nice to enjoy some of these treats now considering we forgoed many of them when we first got engaged. Granted its not like we started off like my parents in a little trailer as Korean-trash in the middle of Alabama, but I do like to boast about the husband and how he has and continues to take care of US these past years. Hopefully he can manage one more!... otherwise, we have a few items we can now pawn! =)