Wednesday, June 3, 2009


As much as I've been opposed to delivering early, I'm actually quite surprised that we're still hanging out waiting for #2. We've had a few false alarms since the weekend, but before making the drive to Hoag, I tell Steve I need the contraction to have me doubled over in so much pain I can't even scream. While they have been increasingly getting stronger, I still can't say I've crossed a 'five' on the pain-o-meter. Thought today at around 5:00 pm that for sure it was finally time, but here I am instead updating our blog. I figure I'd rather take the risk of delivering in the passenger seat over being sent back home! haha. I never got this far with Sydnie but I was reading that one mom delivered at 36 weeks with her first but not until 41 weeks for the second... so potentially we may still have a few more weeks!
Well one very prominent problem I am encountering is incontinence. It is really no laughing matter! I am so thankful nothing has happened in public! This subject was broached in an earlier entry, but that was when "dribbling" would involve a sneeze or laugh. My recent experiences have initially led me to think my water broke because it would happen while I'm washing the dishes or seconds after I just used the restroom. There is absolutely no forewarning and no urge for that matter, so I assume it must be the kid messing with me from inside. As you know we've been potty training Sydnie... it's painful for me to share this but also paints the picture for the reader... well there is a pile of training underwear in a bucket in the bathroom we collect from all her accidents... and now a few of mommy's underwear occasionally find their way to the bucket! I'm going to need some Depends the next time we go out!

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