Saturday, May 30, 2009

still Three Parks

Another doctor's visit and still at three centimeters but 80% effaced. With Sydnie, scar tissue on my cervix had prevented me from dilating past three so wondering if the scarring may have reformed and we might encounter that again. Doc did ask if I would like to induce if we do end up making it all the way, which I'm still against unless for some reason baby is going to be ginourmously huge. I only had the epidural in place for about half an hour the first time before delivering so if we make another attempt without drugs and actually succeed all the way, my big fear is the pain associated with the birthing part. hmmm... my masochistic side is starting to diminish as I get older. Sydnie had her first public tantrum yesterday at Babies R Us. She wanted me to take out this wagon for her out of a bin and I was checking out so I motioned for her to come to me instead. She proceeded to stamp her foot and release a loud wail in front of a pretty large audience. I personally found it pretty amusing. I appreciate though that despite me being the bad guy, she still wanted me to comfort her and make her feel better. Little sucker =) haha. I enjoy my mini best friend so much. She is my little comedian and some of the things she does I wish I could capture with more than my memories. So I know I've never been the world's quietest sleeper but I was officially kicked out of our bedroom and demoted to sleeping downstairs this week. I make Steve sound like the bad guy but I really can't complain because I've been sleeping great while he wakes up with dark bags under his eyes. haha. I didn't have this problem the first time around but with this one Steve says my snoring is out of control! I figure it is the extra weight gain as I'm about 14 pounds heavier than what my final weight was with Sydnie but then again, this "problem" has been torturing Steve since first trimester! He's been patient though and it was only when it seemed like my "noises" were affecting Sydnie's REM, we agreed I would need to be the one leaving our bedroom premises. Well lets hope I'll be allowed to re-enter post delivery!

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Erika said...

She is the dodger hat. You are very brave to do no drugs. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Ryan loves his truck!!