Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stubborn Baby, Fickle Mommy

Really thought today was it. This morning started a series of heavy contractions that did not let up during church service and I also started to spot. Okay, so the normal thing to do would be to call the hospital right away. Me, I was trying to figure out what I wanted as my last meal before I had to give up my pregnancy 'all you can eat' privileges! Once we got home I wanted to time my contractions before making the call so in the meantime Steve went out with my request of McDonalds. Yes, we had an awesome McDonalds feast! I even had a fish burger I haven't had since I was a kid! And then I decided to take a nap. And then I woke up... and yes, we're still here and no I still haven't called the hospital. Okay, so I don't mean to be so fickle and poor Steve is on edge cuz I can't make up my mind... but if only these contractions would just intensify and give me more reason to want to go to the hospital! I promised though for sure tomorrow no matter what, I would call in. I like the date too since Sydnie was born on the 8th. =)
I can't believe I consumed all that McDonalds grease. And considering we never left home, we eventually got hungry and had to think about dinner!