Sunday, April 13, 2008

We've Reached Two Months!

I have to continue telling myself that I'm not going to be the first mom to not be able to figure nap schedules, breastfeeding, playtime, etc... right?!?! I sure hope not! =)
Well, here are some two month mark notables:
* she goes down for the night around 8:30ish and will sleep pretty much through the night (its amazing that she can distinguish night sleeping from her naps)
* has started to suck on her hand, mainly her pointer finger to put herself to sleep
* getting very talkative and expressive
* the biggest thing for me is how much more we have bonded over this one month! i really like her a lot now! =)
And I've hit a glorious milestone of my own! I finally started to shed again! Whoo hoo! I know its a strange thing to be happy about but starting my final trimester I was shedding no more than one or two strands of hair and the thought that I was retaining all this hair was grossing me out! It looks like my normal shedding routine is returning!
Here is another thing that no one tells you about... I never knew there were different sizes to the breast pump until yesterday. Apparently its based on your nipple size so I guess everyone I know must have a standard 24 mm nipple, while mine are abnormally large!!! Well I hope trying a different size will help with my pumping dilemmas.
Just a random thought but I'm glad I've been using this blog to "journal" weekly as I realize you really do quickly forget... and its only been a short two months for us!

our dog yooree and sydnie (they both look so serious!)

sydnie enjoyed her first picnic this sunday!

for some reason she likes taking her medicine - it must taste sweet

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