Sunday, April 6, 2008

8 Weeks v. 2 Months

Sydnie turned 8 weeks on Friday, but she won't be considered two months until Tuesday, the 8th... so confusing!
Well either way, it is amazing that she has already reached this age! Cliches are there for a reason and I find myself frequently thinking how big she is getting!... or perhaps that just shows how fast my own life is moving!
Because of my thrush I am constantly applying creams, rinsing with baking soda solutions, air drying - all quite tedious! So I'm actually topless most of the day at home for obvious reasons (yes I know that is a disurbing image!) I just hope I'm not putting on a show for our neighbors! But at this point I'll do pretty much anything to clear up this thrush and prevent clogged ducts!

Sydnie now holds on to dad while sleeping

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