Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WWED: What Would Eve Do?

I would like to try developing Sydnie's palate at an early age. One of my coordinators think kids meal options should not consist of chicken fingers and mac n cheese but be a child size portion of the filet and lobster an adult would get. And Luanna gave me a baby food cookbook where the chef reflects on growing up in Europe and how there is no such thing as bland and tasteless rice cereal, but instead they introduce them to more flavorful but natural foods from the beginning. The way I see it way back in the days of Adam & Eve, Eve really did not have other moms to get advice from! (buh rum bum, chee) haha... okay so she had God! Who knows how different kids were back then, but I'm sure she had no one telling her to give Cain and Abel rice cereal starting six months and avoid peanuts and honey until age one because of allergies and infant botulism! It is somewhat irritating to me all the suggestions/rules you have to be mindful of and it just makes you more paranoid as a parent. Well as I assume Eve relied on her natural motherly instincts, after my endless internet browsing and other mom inquisitions, I find that instict to be actually the most reliable. Not that I plan on jeapordizing Sydnie's health just to defy all the doctor's notes in my effort to prove them wrong, but I do want to be able to make a "family" meal in the near future. And apparently it was possible for that one chef so why not us?! So for now at each meal Sydnie gets a balanced plate of starches, vegetables, and fruit for dessert. Almost like a buddhist's bibimbap! While the kids sized steak & lobster is still a little ways off, the next time Sydnie eyes my Red Mango, I won't be so hesitant to give her a little small taste and anticipate her body will experience the same cleansing affects like I do! By the way, there are too many things in life where I think to myself "why didn't I think of that" and this happens to be one of those times. Introducing a trendy baby food store: Pomme Bebe It looks like the pinkberry of baby foods and a lot of is just packaging and smart marketing... and also being in the OC. But so many of these food ideas can be easily duplicated at home too! I just made Sydnie a fruit smoothie with some boobmilk and she loved it!

This isn't the most entertaining video, its actually almost eery, but this is the Sydnie-show on her monitor and if you listen carefully she is mumbling "appa"

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parkster7831 said...

I could SO have seen you start something like Pomme Bebe. ;)