Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Battle Royale

With my summer work schedule still keeping me busy Steve has been taking care of most feedings and putting Sydnie down for the night. Being home with Sydnie these past two days I found myself giving into her demands a lot more easily and I realized that some of it may stem from my guilt of not being around as much. So yesterday, every time she was whiny I would pick her up versus when I would usually just let her be. I know it wasn't just guilt... I also missed holding her, but I also started to see a brattiness developing in Sydnie she didn't have before with me. As the day continued and each time I complied with her 'pick me ups' I started thinking - Sydnie's sinful nature is emerging and she is learning the trick of manipulation! I bet she's already thinking I am putty in her hands! So today I tried to establish who was boss which led to a few early morning battles. I know it sounds ridiculous but when Sydnie started randomly crying (I think cuz I disappeared to brush my teeth) I came back and stood over her telling her to 뚝 (shush) as if I was expecting her to understand. Well my dominance must have telepathically communicated and she actually calmed down. Then minutes later while enjoying her cereal she started playing with the buckle in her chair which I took away and she started freaking out. I was thinking about leaving her to cry and even filming her but that would be bad evidence against me so I wiped her up and let her cry it out on the carpet. She has Steve's super enhanced sweat glands so within seconds her whole body was hot and this time when I saw the runny nose and monster tears I did end up picking her up... but amazingly, she was model child the rest of the day.

I know disciplining children is a lot easier said than done but I hope we can raise Sydnie to be respectful and thoughtful to certain things that are wrong and not doing what is just convenient for that moment. Hopefully our own shortcomings will not be revealed in anger or frustration but we will really strive to be Godly parents too... Otherwise, we may just be featured on Super Nanny 2012!

~ looking like a little man! ~


mandu eemoh said...

omg she looks like she's Bruce Lee's protege in the last pics. haha, Well done Grasshoppah.

Lisa said...

dude, i think you should just start a day care and i'll be your first client. with you skills all kids will turn out "disciplined". ;)

ck said...

I'm nervous about disciplining my child! I think my hubs will be the nice one, and I'll have to be the mean parent which I don't want to be. How do you guys do it!?

She's adorable!!! I still can't tell who she looks like...a mix of both?

hahaha said...

i haven't seen her in such a long time, i had to visit this site!!! she's sooooo cute, and finally wearin some pink! did you make that hairband? ok, her arms are awesome and she totally looks like steve in the man pictures. btw, did i tell you we're taking grems and bro to maui on thurs? well, can i see you guys sometime after we get back or what?!

hahaha said...

sorry i have so much to say, but i feel like i haven't talked to you in a year. anyway, one more thing...i found that coil barrette at hannam. they only had 1 packet left so we'll share w/ you :)

ok, ttys