Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dollars for Sydnie

Okay, I know I said I would be weaning Sydnie officially next week so in preparation I wanted to stock up on formula. Well with making her cereal and a few meals on formula currently, a pretty big can that I expected to last for a while is almost gone after just two weeks! So how much quicker will I be emptying these cans when she is exclusively on formula and her appetite gets bigger?!?! I mean, if a can of formula was just a few dollars that is one thing, but the pack of six I ordered is over $150.00! My goodness!!! Am I being cheap or are the rest of you gasping in astonishment too?! So I am rethinking the idea of weaning her. I know it is quite sad that I've come to second guess my decision not based on her health or well being but my finances! =) At least whatever few ounces I can manage would alleviate one or two feedings a day, right?
Well the formula is one thing, round two involves her baby food. I initially made her some carrots which she didn't seem to like so I decided to buy a jar to check out the consistency and taste. Oh my gosh - a tiny tiny jar was 89 cents! I tell you, this jar is smaller than a single yoplait yogurt! I can make the same amount with a 10 cent carrot! Technically I am paying for the jar, the packaging / label and pureed food that has been probably sitting on that shelf for months! I just can't get myself to pay that much money for the sake of convenience so I will do my best to be making her food from home.
And of course there are the diapers. Thanks to our cloth diapers we technically go through about only two disposable diapers a day. Steve wants me to calculate though our electric bill compared to purchasing regular diapers to see if it really is saving us. I guess he feels we use the washer / dryer too much, but I personally think even without those diapers we'd still be washing pretty frequently.
Now when it comes to things like future viola lessons or softball skills, I guess I won't be able to personally intervene with a cheaper alternative... hmm... maybe I'll just have her listen to Vivaldi and watch ESPN all the time and hope for some sort of osmosis! Time to start recycling cans and bottles to save for her wedding fund!!
Sydnie met Ryan - finally someone smaller than her! Hope Erika got a better picture of the two!
Not Sydnie's finest picture but that is why we call her our lil' gorilla!


parkster7831 said...

No wonder lot of mom breastfeed since formulas are so expensive! *eek* jung wants to put desmond on cloth diapers too but is it really pratical and cheaper? humm... I'm just glad that you are going thru this now so that by the time Desmond comes i can soley rely on your motherly wisdom~ ;)

mandu eemoh said...

viola? why not cello? or harp?

pary said...

ok unnie...I see Sydnie's eemoh's Chon-ness is slowly rubbing off on you. Us Chons always think of the cheapest and ghettoest ways of doing everything. j/k! haha, you really are our honorary Chon friend. :)

mandu eemoh said...

ummmm. we are not chon like you Miss Arnold Palmer!!!!