Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Full-Time Mom

I know there are many unknowns and unpredictabilities with having a child but I really didn't see this one coming... so it looks like starting October I'll be back on maternity leave. No, I did not have another baby! This is actually breaking news, so haven't even had the chance to share with work, but it seems my mom is not going to be able to continue watching Sydnie. My mom who had some pre-existing conditions is finding that watching Sydnie is aggravating her ailments. I think she was hoping she could just grit her teeth and fight through it, but with her long commute and various other discomforts I guess her pain has progressively gotten worse. So it seems the best thing now is for her to improve her health. As for me, my initial plans were to finish out the year before using up my remaining maternity leave in January, but it looks like I'll take advantage of that in October and try to figure out what we'll do with daycare in the meantime. I truly envy those families that have access to their moms to help out with their kids. I guess I just anticipated everything would go according to how I planned it, but looks like I needed another lesson in not trying to determine my own steps and course. Darn, I knew I shouldn't have been impulsive and buy that dress the other day! Haha! Yes, I know God is not circumstantial but just feel like I've gotten so comfortable with my current situation He needed to shake things up a bit. Anyway, I hope during my month off my mom can recuperate and get treatment and hopefully return in November.
For all you working moms out there I hope you do not need to struggle with the concerns of daycare. It is such a hard position to be in and what a wonderful blessing if you don't have to worry about it. For those that have experienced some of these difficult decisions it really is such an internal struggle but I guess regardless if you are a home all day or away at work, you will always be your child's number one! Well, looks like I'll be back on facebook again! haha
It has been a busy few weeks, which led me to actually ditch a week of blogging!... so I have pictures galore! Just to document Sydnie reaching her 7th month, she is enjoying the first stages of crawling; she also is pretty successful with picking up little treats with her pincher fingers and getting the treat 3 out of 10 times in her mouth. She can just about hold her own bottle and has no problem with her juice cup. Way to go Sydnie! Oh and we FINALLY got her announcements out!... will have to share about that next time...
Congratulations on a few birthdays this week! One of my old clients Shannon & Ryan had a beautiful boy - still known as BABY and coworker Kim had a 10 pound boy, William!

First brawl between Matthew & Sydnie

Executing her backward bungee jump technique but realizing there isn't a drop!

Documenting her first crawling attempts

Sad excuse for a baby pool


mandu eemoh said...

she's gonna start losing her rolls cuz she's exercising now. dern...

parkster7831 said...

So, you are home bound starting Oct.? I'm glad that you are able to stay home with Sydnie but I hope your mom gets better soon too. :)

gaynelle said...

I love her pudgy arms!! She is getting so big now!