Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So with about four and half months to go I am starting to actively strategize for Sydnie's dohl (1st birthday) and I have to say... I am so excited! hee hee. Well I know a lot of new parents talk about how much work goes into their dohls and how exhausted they are afterwards and how they are getting to be just as expensive and elaborate as a wedding, etc, etc... Considering how cheap our wedding was, I have no doubt that Sydnie's dohl will be more expensive than our wedding! =)
But seriously, for me, I don't think I'll mind the work and efforts and I find this celebartion just as worthy if not more than a wedding! If its hard to justify the expenses based on the child not remembering anything... well who can honestly say they remember everything about their wedding day?! All I remember about our day is Steve's sweaty face and people thinking he was getting emotional at the alter when I was actually just wiping away sweat! haha
I'm not saying it is necessary to rent out Honda Center and host your own private Wiggles performance and fly everyone to Sea World for the after party... but I am treating this occasion to be important for us and am excited to prepare for it. I hope I won't feel like I need to justify any of our plans or be caught up in any comparisons. And no matter how simple or eleborate, I also don't want the planning to make me miserable and burdened but instead enjoyable and feel like in the end it was a great celebration for everyone!
Well, I'm sure I'll have more posts on this topic leading up to February. First thing on my task list though is to get our list down... Steve and I consider ourselves pretty friendless so its somewhat puzzling that our guest list is at 179 and growing!!!


rhee said...

shes sooo cute!!!

parkster7831 said...

I love the pic of Sydnie at the bottom of the stairs... very artistic. ;)

I cant wait to celebrate Sydnie's dohl.... gosh, time sure does fly! I still remember you pregnant with her and that seems like just yesterday.

Knowing how your creative ability, I'm sure Sydnie's birthday celebration will be impeccable. Lucky girl I tell you~ ;)

mandu eemoh said...

She will be embarassed by these pics when she's a teenager and discovers that her mother posted her naked pics ONLINE. keke