Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its a Borl

My pregnancy ticker says I have a little over a month to go and I am hopeful that is accurate, but I fear delivery being any day... Going pee for too long makes me wonder if my water just broke, paranoia sets in with a sudden back spasm... the worst is when I have a big poo. Usually that should be a good thing but I hear that pre-labor your body naturally releases a laxative-like force wanting to "empty" out - so even poo freaks me out! haha
Well, we are still struggling with names. We do know we want to continue with the "s" but never thought sticking to an S name would be so limiting. Of course when people find out we don't know the gender they'll try to predict for us. It will be interesting once he/she arrives, how many myths are broken or accurate. Here is what has been said so far:

<< Theories supporting a girl: >>
* I eat a lot of sweets
* Hips are wider
* Baby's heart rate is over 140
* I prefer sleeping on my back than my side

<< Theories supporting a boy: >>
* Sydnie sucks her pointer finger
* Sydnie can be a little all over the place indicating brother
* More "popped out" than with Sydnie
* Baby is more active
* Voracious appetite

At this point it seems pretty 50 / 50, hence a "borl". =)
Well I've officially passed the weight I was with Sydnie at full term. One thing I think that helped with having two pregnancies close together is I feel my stomach was still pretty elastic from the first, which I believe is what is preventing stretch marks with this one. But why does food still taste so good?!
I was treated to two amazing baby showers the other week. While I didn't expect any shower for kid #2, can't say I didn't love all the gifts =) and above all it was a really nice time with friends that made me feel so special!

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rhee79 said...

im excited to see what ur having and to see if the myths are true too. i slept on my side with a pillow in between with ethan, he had a voracious appetite, and very active.
this one is the same. except meat smells nasty, and i only crave korean pears.

btw, we booked MNM for family studio session at the end of this month. finally some decent family pics.