Friday, May 22, 2009

Struck Gold

I went to my weekly check up this morning and I'm about three centimeters dilated. I still have hope we have a few more weeks but staying active is getting progressively difficult. If only Sydnie was in on our plan she would force me to stay seated and keep my legs crossed! =)
For those that may be eating while reading this or just are hyper sensitive to body waste, other than their own, you may want to avoid scrolling down.
Steve and I are personally quite proud of this picture though... So last week my mom for whatever reason decided to pin Sydnie's hair before putting her down for a nap. And Sydnie, in typical Sydnie fashion took the pin out and put it in her mouth. My mom saw this on the monitor so ran upstairs. My feeling is Sydnie heard my mom's panicked steps coming up and without thinking swallowed the pin. I never received any of my mom's calls while at work so learned of the situation when I got home. Since she was eating and playing well, we decided to wait it out. Our only concern was that she would have swallowed the pin opened versus closed, which would mean the sharp pointy end was exposed. Well, a couple of days passed and on Saturday, this was the picture Steve emailed to me while I was at work:
Relief! Good job Sydnie and really Thank God! The horrors we may have had to go through if it failed to appear!

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