Sunday, March 30, 2008

At seven weeks, Sydnie has started her first job! Mom seems to have a problem with freqent clogged ducts and it seems the only relief is via Sydnie. She of course is rewarded with milk money! Seriously though, I lose more sleep over these clogs and at its worst, it is just as bad as labor pain! We also had our six-week doc visit and she came in measuring 70th percentile for her weight and height. Steve is most proud that her head measures in the 20th percentile but who knows if that is an indication of the end size... hopefully Steve's fears of giant head child won't come true! =) She also got her first five shots. That nurse was so speedy... she might as well have just grabbed all five in one hand and stabbed at the same time! Sydnie tolerated the pain very well though and seemed more stunned than bothered by the experience.
Her poos are still very infrequent, but when she goes it can probably drown a little town! She hasn't gone for six days now so getting very nervous! Another milestone is her hands are no longer fisted and she has them more unfurled. I already miss her just newborn stage

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