Monday, May 19, 2008

Breaking apart...

I have toe nail fungus.
Please examine Exhibit A.
Its bad enough having an infection on my boobs but I guess my body is susceptible to any similar infection... not sure where I got it from. The girl I go to for pedicures thinks it was from another salon that used dirty tools (nasty!). Steve thinks it's from his athletes foot! Wherever its from I've been reading up on it and was told to soak it in Listerine. What all the websites failed to mention was that the blue one stains your feet! AHHHHH!!! And I literally soaked my feet forever! I pumped, painted my nails, watched Dancing with the Stars... If you see me in sandals and blue feet, please don't smirk!
The fungus is just one of many ailments in my ongoing saga. So remember I mentioned my achy knees? Well apparently it is because I am overcompensating for my weak hips! I must sound like a hypochondriac but I really am not exaggerating. What am I getting at?!?! Before pregnancy & labor, sure I complained about pains here and there but I never knew that having a baby not only affects your physical appearance but really does a number on all the other parts of your body! Per my personal experience, I say don't fool yourself with an epidural thinking you just need to get through labor because it is possible that is just the beginning of all your fun!
You know another thing is pregnancy these days is really not an excuse for "eating for two". Maybe because I carried weight all over and not just in the middle, but I did feel more self conscious about my weight gain. And I hated being compared to someone that was due around the same time, especially if she was a lot smaller! I mean, it's not like you can suck in your stomach nor can you start dieting! And the same goes for after having the kid... now its about who loses the weight faster. I have many friends that delivered around the same time I did and it can get quite depressing to hear that so and so is thinner than ever, while I stand in front of the mirror deceiving myself into thinking my stomach looks pretty okay but then I sit down and I have a flubby tire around my waist... or better yet if I flick my stomach it'll jiggle uncontrollably. And please stop saying they lost it because they are breastfeeding because I am too and that makes me feel worse! =)
But you know what?!?! I love being Sydnie's mom! =) So maybe one day I'll have to submit an entry for Extreme Makeover because I've let myself go after being so absorbed with family, but for now I'll live and accept what I've got! And we celebrated Sydnie's 100 day this past weekend! The family enjoyed a nice dinner at the St. Regis - it was nasty hot but hopefully we'll have some nice pictures to share soon. Oh and she flipped and giggled for us this week! Yay baby!!! Happy 100 days our Sydnie!

Appa and Sydnie's flexibility
Sydnie in her Mother's Day outfit

I love my Tiny Love Symphony mobile

I also love my hand
And I love Appa!

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