Monday, May 12, 2008

Reaching a Mommy Milestone

This past week was... actually quite uneventful! Does that mean I am coming to terms with being a mom?!?! How appropriate with this past Sunday being Mother's Day =) Well I'm sure the week itself had its usual Sydnie ups and downs but rather than feeling like someone's driving a stake through me, it actually is becoming more the norm and what I consider to be my life! It really is quite amazing that we all eventually settle into this new life. I'm sure all the seasoned moms reading this blog are thinking "newbie" as you read about my anxieties and chaos. Well things are far from being perfected, and I know I'll be learning something new EVERYDAY(!) forever, but I remember when Sydnie was a week old thinking three months seemed SOOOOO far away and never thought we would be able to make it this far without completely falling apart! Well, here we are and for the most part, still intact!
So the new D-Day for me is the return to work day, which is scheduled for June. I ask myself everyday, can I really do it?! Well I hear a few more women at work announced they were expecting. You know, even though men are just as responsible, if its not your own wife, I wonder if they are thinking... "another woman pregnant!". I think if I was a man, I would. I actually felt a little guilty towards work when I did get pregnant. It was already hard enough to balance home and work life even before and now reaching this juncture has me rethinking what is really of importance... I do find myself envious of those family situations where both mom & dad have the luxury of working from home or at least being able to be home the majority of the time. I seriously should have gone to study graphic design... or win the lotto! =)
Steve got a new camera (again) so I have high expectations for our pictures from this point forward...
I think I mentioned it before, but Sydnie is infatuated with staring at her hand
Someone said drooling indicates good digestion... if that's the case, Sydnie must have awesome digestion! She is slobbergirl!


abba said...

that's our little cheem-jeng-E!

rhee said...

my doc told me that drooling means they are getting ready for solids. we started e at 4.5 months bc he was drooling so much. but i think a lot of other moms wait until 6 months.