Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Best Friends Forever...

Steve was not too happy this weekend as both Sydnie and I were bombing him with our bang-gu(s) so he couldn't escape the smelly wrath of his ladies! What was funny is that sydnie's smelled identical to mine! Although I don't think Steve found that to be too amusing... I must have had something that didn't sit well with me but poor Sydnie had to suffer the same consequences!
I have to say I am loving this cool weather. If you are a person that prefers the heat my theory is you must like your arms. That way when its hot, you have no problem putting on a tanktop. Me personally, I have always preferred covering up but especially with my extra weight I feel a lot of jiggling in my arms and upper back! I have resorted to purchasing some jergens gradual tanning body lotion to try to create an optical illusion around my flab... while that may help a little with the visual appearance, I am in for a huge reality check when I try on my work suits next week! Gosh I hope something fits!!!
Of course that isn't my biggest worry. I just can't believe it's already time to go back! It was so nice not having to work Memorial Day weekend for once! I know its highly unlikely but I torture myself into thinking I will no longer be Sydnie's favorite person! =) There really is something so rewarding about knowing someone prefers you over anyone else (well except her dad of course...) So I guess a part of me fears not being her one and only BFF. I also hate thinking I might have to hear about some of her "firsts" second hand so I was extra thrilled when she rolled and giggled for us last week! As overwhelming as the responsibility of being her parent is, I'm even more overwhelmingly committed to the role so I'm not really liking the idea of seeing her for just a few short hours each day. Steve and I used to say that we spend more time with our co-workers than we do each other but at least we could email and talk on the phone... maybe I'll take my baby video monitor to work and have my mom just keep it on Sydnie all day! haha
So starting next week, my new BF will be my breastpump =)
I'm sure many moms go through these same mental struggles and each comes to their own decision. I actually really like my job so it isn't just about a paycheck but the professional accomplishments I enjoy. Perhaps that is my pride speaking. Well no need to be hasty. My faith is so lacking to be worrying so much about this and I should trust there already is a perfect course laid out for me. Ultimately I know I am still way too consumed with ME but I hope to decrease that, be more prayeful, and as cliche as it always sounds - trust in God!
Sneeze - Phase I
Sneeze - Phase II

of course Steve thinks she looks more like me here!
End Sneeze

rolling over documented - umma is much more animated!

giggling with appa in between hiccups

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shes soooo cute!!! winnie the pooh.