Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Four Month Checkup

We had Sydnie's four month checkup and shots.
She's in the 95th percentile for her height but pretty average with her weight in the 55th percentile and her head is in the 30th percentile. Steve was a little bummed that her head size grew a bit from her two month where she was in the 20th percentile! haha

Work is already starting to feel busy. It wasn't so horrible being apart from Sydnie but considering I don't get to keep her to myself anymore I definitely didn't feel like sharing her once I was home!
Well as a mom with four months experience, I wanted to share just a few of my personal 'can't live without' things that have kept me afloat these past months!:
* Chick Fil A: This place is truly a testimony to how God is faithful to those that are faithful to Him... even though they close every Sunday, Steve and I frequent this place Monday thru Saturday! They are good for any time of the day and their food is always fresh and healthy and light. My favorites are the chick-n-minis and breakfast burrito for breakfast and their chargrilled chicken & fruit salad is pretty yummy. I like the berry balsamic vinaigrette. They have a sweet but good lemon pie and also serve southern sweet tea! Go Chick Fil A!
* Tiny Love: Sydnie loves the symphony mobile for the crib and we also have a clip n go mobile we can attach to pretty much anything!
* Genesis Spa Pedicure: Nicky is the person to ask for there - she gives the BEST pedicures lasting nearly a month! And their prices are great at $19 for a mani / pedi combo.
* Lecithin: GNC sells a decent sized bottle and good price - these are great for frequent clogged ducts. It definitely has made a difference for me. Frequent clogged ducts can be an indication that the fat in your body is clogging up your ducts (meaning I am FAT!) - the lecithin seems to help suspend the fat for you.
I'll continue to share my favorites in future entries!

Sydnie was also baptized this past Sunday! She was very well behaved.

As easy as it will be to be consumed with grades, appearance, etc... I hope Steve and I can be most successful and most satisfied in raising our Sydnie as a woman of God and pleasing and loving Him!

So many fun and creative gifts for babies! The traditional but elegant diaper cake, a bouquet made out of onesies and baby socks, and a doll made out of cloth diapers, dressed in a onesie, tutu and ballet slippers!

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srhee said...

i love the tater tots at chick-fil-a..they're so crispy. plus, monday nights are buy one get one free and tues nights kids eat free!