Wednesday, June 18, 2008

unHappy Fathers Day

I spent this past weekend with a fever and Steve spent his first official dad day taking care of Sydnie the entire time. I think my body was shocked from sudden exposure to outside civilization now that I'm back at work.

We even had to cancel our dinner plans the next day for him, but as usual, he was a trooper and enjoyed his exclusive appa time with Sydnie.

me sick with sydnie on my lap

I can now understand why some women who are ill or in extreme pain after labor might not get to breastfeed. I've never had to care for anyone else when I've been sick so it was very hard to get up and feed Sydnie every few hours. I didn't want to hold her other than feeding time so she kept on giving me her upside down U face when I would look over at her.
But I think with a combination of going back to work and getting sick my boobs died. Sydnie was unhappy every time she was trying to eat and my mom would tell me she felt light, which made me even sadder. I started taking fenugreek a few days ago and I think it is helping. Its a lot to take - basically two capsules three times a day. But since yesterday Sydnie hasn't been fussy when eating. Some of the side effects I hear is you start to smell like maple syrup but I think I smell like curry! Of course that would happen to me!

We also finally started her on cloth diapers after going through our great supply of disposables that friends have given us. So far so good! I have ten total and it seems to be enough where we need to wash only every other day and we'll still use the disposables for sleeping. Bum Genius is the way to go! Sydnie's butt looks pretty gigantour though when she's sleeping on her tummy.
Sydnie got her first taste of rice cereal this week - with my dead boob, thought it might be a good time to start the cereal to give her some more substance. I guess its pretty obvious that we weren't too prepared with our plastic spoon from PF Changs! Thanks Susie for the cereal! Sydnie did great though and only showed frustration when we were too slow feeding. Girl's got attitude.

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