Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trial by Error

The family traveled for the first time together and went up to San Francisco just for a day. My friend Jen Jeon was getting married and after debating whether we should leave Sydnie with my parents, we decided it was a short enough trip to take her with us. So I guess to avoid their ears from hurting with the pressure change you should have the baby suck on a bottle, pacifier, etc... during take off - Take off was around Sydnie's feeding time so I decided to try to feed her - the only problem was from the time the plane started to move to the actual time we were on the runway, she was done eating! So while she wanted nothing more of the boob, I was frantically trying to shove it back in her mouth! I guess I got a little paranoid but beyond the pain she would feel I was more panicked at her crying and people giving us dirty looks! haha! Regardless, either way, it turned out fine and on the way back she ate and fell asleep the rest of the way. We tried our best to travel lightly but definitely not as easy. We saw so many families with strollers and car seats on top of strollers... goodness - no wonder they let you pre-board! Even from this short trip, I learned a few lessons about traveling with a baby.
1) If you have a large stroller, even if you have to borrow, take a light travel stroller instead. We have the bugaboo which we love but not great for travel purposes. You can buy the transport bag and check it in but that's not that cheap either. On the way back we just ended up getting two gate check in tickets, but it would have been easier had we just had a light stroller.
2) Wasn't sure how Sydnie would take to a foreign crib and we definitely were not going to be bringing her pack n play for a day trip. So we took the crib sheet saver she uses to give her something familiar. Not sure that was the reason, but she slept well! Love this crib sheet saver thing by the way. Its such a pain to wash and change out her sheets all the time, especially if she spits up, so this thing is great to lay flat near the head area and wash this only.
3) A light diaper bag is a must! Well this one is my fault because I took the petunia pickle bottom CAKE, which my sister got me. This one already weighs 10 pounds empty! Okay not that much but either way, lesson learned to take something light or your shoulders will DIE.
4) It does help to have the baby in a carrier, especially at the airport. I personally have never used a bjourn but my baby carrier was great for me since I could just roll it up in a ball once we got in the plane.
5) I've gotten a little dependent on my brest friend when feeding Sydnie, so finding a travel version was great! We also used it on the plane and once Sydnie fell asleep while eating she continued to sleep right on it and my arms were free. It did help having Steve blowing it up for me but it takes less than a minute.

So whoever says life is over after kids, I would have to disagree... it was very nice to share our first family trip together and hopefully there will be many more!

this one is appa's new favorite pic of sydnie!

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I would like to comment, in that last picture of HanByul, she was smiling at eemoh. haha