Monday, June 2, 2008

Welcome Back

After four exclusive months of physical pains, emotions, and intense joys with Sydnie, today was my first day back to work! The skirt that I chose to wear was tighter than I hoped but seemed to be my only option without going into my bin of maternity clothes - and not that I enjoy wearing nylons but it was actually nice being able to wear normal nylons for once.
Leaving Sydnie this morning wasn't too difficult but I think the hard part isn't so much the first day but when I find myself spending more hours in the office than I do with Sydnie. Hopefully I can better balance the two... I've technically known my little girl for only four months and I think it is way too early to treat her as if we've been "dating" for years!
So as I sit here updating our blog, I am also nursing a very angry clogged duct(s). One of the feared ramifications of returning to work and trying to pump came true the first day back. Apparently my boob does not enjoy being BF's with the pump =). I did leave the office a little early hoping I could get Sydnie to help with the relief but we were unsuccessful. Gosh, what to do if this continues?!?! Well we'll try again tomorrow. For today, I'm going to have to take a few more advil and hope sleep will overcome the pain.
Other than that, work was relatively quiet for day one. I did have to stop myself a few times from calling home to see how my mom and Sydnie were doing. And pumping at my desk is very strange considering how exposed you feel! No, I'm not pumping in the open but even still, its just weird! My sister always gets on my case for sharing TMI in our blog but I just found myself laughing today realizing that I can no longer pass gas freely like I would at home! haha! I'm so sorry for any of my coworker friends reading this but pregnancy has increased my intenstinal turbulence and I have to remind myself now that my work appearance also includes not smelling like last night's broccoli! haha... sorry!
Well I have to keep this entry short and try to go get this plug out before tomorrow! Ughh! I'll try to post an update before the week ends. Here are some pictures of Sydnie - we're trying to pose her for her birth announcements. We weren't too successful but we think she still looks so cute! =)


srhee said...

the first pic with the chef's hat is reallllly cute!!!

Helen said...

it's been a few months since i last read your blogs...they're too long for me to read girl! but the pics are waaay cute! sydnie's quite the chief!! :oD

anyway,hope lil g isn't too sad w/o mommy :(

when andrew goes to school mwf starting sept, we'll have playdates on wed! ttys (was this comment too long? :P)

Susie said...

Sydnie is so adorable! You and Steve should keep popping them out since you make cute babies :)