Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wow... five months already

Before Sydnie was born I used to say that I would be the first to admit if my child was not cute. Of course that wouldn't detract from how much I loved them as a parent but I never understood how some parents thought theire kids were the cutest things in the world when it was pretty obvious to me that they weren't! Well, now I am starting to understand. In my eyes everything Sydnie does is just so darn cute!

Some of my favorite things she does is when she smiles with the tip of her tongue sticking out and her eyes get super chinky from smiling so hard. Or when you can see her hair spikes sticking up out of her crib and her head is bobbing up and down like she's cruising on a wave and then she spots you and gives you a huge toothless grin. I even get such a kick out of the BIG tears that pool around her eyes when she's crying. But of course because of my former life of being a baby racist (now reformed) when people call Sydnie cute I can't help but wonder... "do they really mean that?!" I have a friend that uses the word "precious" to reference the babies where you just don't know how to describe. So if you ever call Sydnie precious, you may actually see me cringe a little. Of course now that I've made this public, I have to be careful and avoid calling another baby precious too! =)
Steve read somewhere that seeing a baby's smile stimulates a part of your brain that makes you feel like you are on a drug high. I guess that would make some sense considering when Sydnie wakes us up around six in the morning and we're not quite ready to join her, she'll give us this huge smile and that refreshes us!
Well I don't know when it happened, but Sydnie is now five months! Physically she's army scooting and flips and flops with no problem. She is also starting the first phase of sitting up on her own, which Steve can not wait for! She'd doing well with rice cereal and her poop is definitely starting to show the change in diet (joy).
It has been so busy at work for me, this week I barely got to see her a total of one hour which depresses me. This was a geniune fear for me returning to work but I thought being conscious of it would help me avoid it... but unfortunately it seems to be reality for me right now. In hindsight... if I could do this all over again and I know what I now know I would have tried to get pregnant during busy season at work and return when it was slower. For now I just come home and vent to Steve and am just thankful that in my absence it is my mom that spends the day with her.
Happy five months our 'precious' Sydnie! hah You are almost half a year old!

Sydnie in prison

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mandu eemoh said...

Her goong dengs is wrinkly. cute~