Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Big Girl Sydnie

Life was already moving so fast as it was but watching Sydnie's growth and development makes the speed of time so much more tangible. I figure at my age five months doesn't change you much plus or minus a few pounds for all of us with mild eating disorders. But Steve and I were watching footage of her as a "baby" and its so amazing how much she has changed! And you know, I would have to agree that for the most part you do forget what the earlier days were like! I'm sure when my blogging days are over I'll print out all my entries and laugh at what a mess I was. I'm thankful Sydnie has made our "having a baby" experience for the most part, pretty enjoyable. At least pleasant enough where we're thinking about #2. I asked a friend who delivered a few days before us when they were planning for their next and she just gave me the most evil look. haha. A lot of people tell me they seem to bond more quickly and enjoy their second a little more just because you are not as timid and more experienced... I know bonding with Sydnie took some time for me but I'm glad as a family we started having fun pretty quickly. Sometimes I like Sydnie so much I kinda DON'T want another person to enter our clique but then again, that's how I felt about things when it was just Steve and me too.
Well work is getting busier. In some ways I like it but when 5 pm hits and I know I still have a pile of paperwork on my desk, I start to panic a little. Steve prefers I stay home but I like knowing I have an income too! My intentions were always to go back to work in time to help with the summer season but I do need to be mindful now that I'm not giving more to work than I give to my family, which I did frequently. It doesn't help that I still fit in one suit, so the only thing I change about my daily outfit is the top I wear underneath my jacket!
Well Sydnie's latest thing is she is rolling around and waking herself up during her naps. But it is so funny watching her butt in the air waving around! We've used a blanket over her when she's sleeping but I guess I'll have to remove that soon. We're going to change her over to the regular seat stroller from the bassinet this week too. She's going to feel all grown up!
Erika had her baby boy yesterday! Yay! Hope we can go see her and check out the new Kaiser facilities too! She was working out right up until so I'm sure she was super strong in the delivery room!

These pics are from Sydnie's photographer eemoh, Min Mi. Unfortunately after two attempts at the studio we had to do our session at home so we missed out on some of the cuter studio shots. Below is what Sydnie thinks of mom & dad who force her to take pictures!

We did get one decent one from the studio though!

If you need a family portrait or pics for your kids, Min Mi is wonderful. I do get my fair share of interaction with photographers so I think I can pretty knowledgeably say her work is excellent and the packages she offers are awesome! If I ever start my own business she is definitely on my preferred vendor list!

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Pary said...

Is that Sydnie flipping someone off? hahaha...i knew there was some of mandu ee-moh in her. j/k! she is adorable - just staring at her was a joy! I love that picture of you kissing Sydnie on her cheek - was that taken by Steve?