Saturday, March 22, 2008

10 pounds

Update: Easter Sunday! We almost didn't make it to church because I was suffering from an awful clogged duct and Sydnie decided to throw a tantrum and woke up at 4 am refusing to go back to sleep - so when I came back upstairs after my failed attempts of unclogging, I found Steve giving Sydnie a time out! The day improved for all of us and Sydnie enjoyed her first dress from Auntie Eileen!

Sydnie and I went to see the lactation consultant today and she's now a whopping 10 pounds 1 ounce! But it seems we have a case of thrush, which explains the pain I still feel with feeding. So we have to use the same stuff Steve uses for his athlete's feet on the boob and her mouth!
Starting last week Sydnie stopped pooing everyday, which we read was normal around five weeks. She went about two days without pooing and when she finally went it was at least three inches deep! No Joke! and it was everywhere! She skipped yesterday and then went again today. Not sure of the depth this time because I had just finished wiping her when she shot out another big dose right in my hand! Its all so wonderful... =)

Her first documented smile... she's been super smiley.

She failed her first hearing test so was retested this week... she can now hear!


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wow look at that smile! :)

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