Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy One Month!

Few noteworthy one month milestones and markers:
1. Not certain of her actual weight but clothes that once barely hung on her tiny shoulders are fitting more comfortably. Nice big cheeks (like umma) and she's developing her third chin. Looks like we'll be transitioning to the next stage of diapers in a week or two.
2. Showing off strong neck muscles, which appa is pretty proud of!
3. Enjoys car rides, baths, and bjourn time with appa.
4. Still sleeping well at night. If she continues at this pace, looks like we can eliminate night time feeding soon and allow her to sleep all the way through!
5. Twists and contorts her tongues in weird shapes like appa

As for me, I start pilates Tuesday! Wonder how many pounds I can shed in one session?! With my mom here, food intake was pretty regulated, but with Steve, I think we've gone through a few boxes of twinkies and he's made at least 5 batches of rice krispy treats for us!
I still deal with constant questions but now that I realize how quickly time is passing, I try to enjoy each day with Sydnie more rather than obsessing over getting all the details right. Its almost heretical to say, but bonding wasn't immediate for me, although I do have a few friends that shared the same sentiments. Seeing her poo and pee well is most rewarding though and every day she takes more of my heart!
As of this week its been easier to chat with her, especially with her improved eye contact. And when I run out of things to say, we've been reading the bible! Ha! I've been so inconsistent in reading the bible for so long... even at infancy, Sydnie is being used by God to be a blessing!
Meeting Erin, her first dong-kap friend
The infamous picture of appa and baby sleeping together


rhee said...

i wanted to try out "house of pilates" by ur house! i was thinking about doing it this summer if jogging and swimming dont go well. u'll have to let me know how it goes.

Three Parks said...

i actually go to core solutions right on jeffrey & irvine center drive... they have semi privates where we could do together and get a discount. my earlier instructor is no longer there so i'm curious who i'll work out with but if he / she is any good, i'll let you know. i originally was going to go to house of pilates but i think they are racist! =)