Sunday, March 16, 2008


Each day passes by so quickly and yet because of the cyclical nature of my days, I don't feel like I get much done or make progress. I just realize April will be here before I know it and I'll have to start thinking about returning to work... the question is will I mentally still be where I was in January or feeling a little more ready to move forward?!

Today was Sydnie's first time at church, although with her feeding time we didn't get to church until the message was over! haha. Each day's schedule is pretty consistent and then comes the weekend... hopefully with time we'll adapt and learn to balance everything or at least not burn ourselves out if we can't stick to "the schedule".
This week was the first time being on our own. Longer outings are one thing but running errands like bank deposits prove to be a little more difficult since I can't just leave her in the car! As for our first trip to the mall I was a little intimidated with setting up the carseat and stroller on my own, but figured I needed to start somewhere! I parked super far so no one would see me struggle and laugh but other than a few bruises, I showed signs of improvement by the end of the day! I also got to mingle as mom! Nordstrom has a mother's lounge and its pretty amazing as you see a continous parade of strollers going in and out and everyone whips out their hooter hiders to feed! I ended up meeting a woman that is Korean, lives around the corner from us, and her daughter is just three weeks older than Sydnie! While chatting she mentioned things really just clicked for her and she was struggling with the exact same issues I am now!... I guess there is quite a bit of support you gain from networking with other moms.
Getting back in shape is still a challenge and it seems the best thing is to take walks with Sydnie. Otherwise have to figure out who can stay with her, be sure I won't be engorged... a friend mentioned something I'll take to heart and that is it took us 9 months to get like this, so give it at least another 9 months to get back!
Well, Sydnie will get to wish Steve "happy birthday" for the first time this week!

Sydnie meets her great~halmuni!

Sydnie and Matthew finally meet... first bonding session

Hanging out with cousin Ryan


parkster said...

If you want some help (granted that I am not a "pro") you know who to call. ;) Even if it means you need a driver to the mall. ;)

Mandu Eemoh said...

That first picture looks like she's doing her cross eyed thing. She's one flubby girl.

Anonymous said...

Sophia...she is getting more and more beautiful - if that is possible! I think about you lots and hope we can get it together to see one another.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah...that was from me, Cherysa