Sunday, February 17, 2008

One Week

Appa looks tore up here while Sydnie enjoys her REM

Time is so relative - one week is nothing to us as we go about work and every day life, but on the other hand it is amazing that Sydnie has been with us already for a full week! We don't have much to complain about but I have to admit it is overwhelming knowing we are responsible for this little thing and our lives are really forever different! She's allowing her mom and dad to sleep pretty well though and waking up just once a night for a feeding. She's probably fussiest around 11 pm, which is when she was most active inside, but other than that already an obedient child! =)

Meeting Lisa...
Lisa brought us pears... pear versus Sydnie's head!

With Susie and Lauryn unni

Her cousins, EJ and Brandon oppa

Halmuni made Sydnie her first GIRL outfit!

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