Friday, February 8, 2008

Almost Three ~

I am back at Hoag, only this time it looks like when we're done, we'll be leaving with Park number three.
I had a doctor's appointment this morning and my water broke as I was leaving the office. What timing! I had to sneak in some food first so I grabbed a bagel and coffee cake at Starbucks with a towel between my legs to catch all my drippage. Not pretty but I didn't want to go in on an empty stomach. Steve met me at the hospital and we've been here now for a few hours. So far contractions are about a minute apart and the smile on my face is almost gone... =I Watched some Die Hard and got a little sleepy so dozed off for a little bit. They have me on a little pitocin but said she would administer just a very little as it seems my body was naturally progressing pretty quickly. I'm hoping they'll be checking on me soon to see if I've dilated any further.
So that is the latest play by play. Steve was eating a tuna melt and fries earlier which was very tempting. Okay contraction incoming - gotta go!


Gaynelle said...

Good luck Sophia!! Also, don't think twice about the epidural- u won't feel a thing. Can't wait to see photos of your baby girl! God Bless all of you!!

srhee said...

you'll have to change your ticker to sydnie's age. i still can't believe u guys finally have ur baby!!!

Lisa Park said...

Heard the good news thru Amenda. I cant wait to meet her in person~ ;) Call you tomorrow. Congrats Mama!

hahahaha said...

soooo weird to see that she's already 3 days old! post more pics!