Friday, February 1, 2008


Another week has passed and still no kid... Technically I'm not due for a few more weeks and considering how many times my due date has changed, I'm no longer certain when I'm exactly due! But due to all the earlier pre-term labor excitement and thinking baby would be here by now, I actually feel overdue!
Well the week passed pretty uneventfully. I'm sleeping great, so no complaints there. I've been craving dim sum for the past few weeks and Steve promised if I lasted until this weekend we'd go so I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow. Anything that involves food sharing I like going with just Steve so I don't have to look at the last piece and feel bad about being greedy! haha!
I'm still contracting regularly but I've gotten so used to it, can't remember what it feels like not to. Doc says we're all doing well though and I'm hanging on at 2 cm dilated and 90% effaced. I finally understand what that means.
Well, that's my update for the week. Looking forward to the Super Bowl. Being a stay-home mom can be very dangerous... I don't know how many times I've gone somewhere shopping related just to pass time or visit online shopping sites!...

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