Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The 411

Name: Sydnie Elisabeth Park
DOB: Friday, February 8, 2008
Time: 8:59 pm
Length: 18 inches
Head Circumference: 33 cm <-- worried about this one, but it seems normal... whew!

I am happy to share the birthing story with anyone who is interested, but for now just glad that is a memory and no longer reality! Steve was fascinated by the whole thing and ended up taping it, which I know sounds gross. But he said he felt like he was in science class! My take is its comparable to a wedding. For one thing, the moment itself just flew by - barely remember Steve cutting the chord, etc... and you prepare and plan and digest so much on the pregnancy and delivery but no one really tells you much about what to expect after its over! That is a whole new thing on its own, and not just talking about a crying baby...

But she is here and although it still feels very unreal, we just love to stare at her and be in amazement. Yesterday she hadn't pooed all day so Steve got a q-tip with vaseline and put it up her butt and she immediately started to go. It was only day three but she's already inherited mom's constipation! But you could tell how relieved she was to release and we were both so proud of that moment! haha! I'll enjoy these early poos before they start to get messy and stinky!

Sydnie and I will be under house arrest for the next few weeks so if you are in the area (and not carrying any communicable diseases =), please come and meet your new friend!

go to my sister's site for even more boasting! http://www.xanga.com/mandukim


srhee said...

glad the q-tip worked!

Lisa Park said...

it was good to see you and the baby Park~ ;)