Friday, February 8, 2008

Pee Crazy

Each weekend I make it to, we celebrate with a restaurant meal so this weekend will be a visit to Luciana's in Dana Point. yay! Work ladies took me there before I started leave and I had the best pasta, which I've been craving ever since!
Baby is still incubating, although this week wasn't without some action. Tuesday night we were in L&D but only for a few hours before they rejected us and sent us home. Had a feeling that would happen but considering my usual skeptical-ness didn't want to chance it just because I didn't think it wasn't anything. I told Steve next time though I refuse to even entertain calling the doctor until my knuckles are white from pain management. Had hopes they would just keep us and let it progress but it seems I'm still too far away from due date to try to encourage anything.
Big news is Sarah & Sean welcomed Baby Matthew Khang on Monday! Sarah's labor was long and difficult but what a good looking kid they ended with! I've been without my pregnant walking buddy this week but hope to get some pictures up when they get home tomorrow.
gotta go pee... again...


srhee said...

maybe the weekend u go to ruth's chris, u'll go into labor ;) haha.

cater2me said...

Glad to keep up with your prenancy activities. Thanks for sharing!