Saturday, February 23, 2008

Two Weeks...

First and foremost, Erin Grace Ha arrived this morning! Sounds like mom Helen had an awesome time during labor - or lack of labor! Sydnie and Erin were originally due about a day or two apart from each other so they both have an automatic friend! Hope to sneak a visit over to them this week...

Steve is now home with me and my mom's back with dad. My poor dad seemed miserable without her, which worries me a little on how we're going to coordinate things when I decide to go back to work. I don't even want to think about that right now but I feel time is going to fly by and I'll have to address it sooner than later.
Sydnie doesn't seem like a newborn anymore. She's finally fitting into some of her clothes and her neck is already so strong. Here's a rare moment with her eyes open. I feel bad using the flash on her so we don't have many pics with her alert.
Steve and I were both told by our parents that we were such great babies that our expectations for Sydnie are really high! So after one night of her crying Steve was convinced it was colic. But it turned out she was just probably hungry and cold and we just didn't know any better =) She's really been so good... now I wonder what do we do when she's more awake than asleep?!

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hahahaha said...

thanks for the shoutout :P
seriously can't wait til they can really have playdates!

btw, she's been sleeping almost 3 hour stretches!!! i'm so not used to it, i have to keep checking up on her to make sure she's breathing. but thank GOD!!